Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When Things Go Bad Suddenly, Stay Steady

Whether you are going through a personal crisis, a family crisis, a  marriage crisis, a financial crisis or some sort of other crisis, please know that it is normal to feel anxious, worried, and stressed. Remember that these feelings could be a totally normal response to an abnormal situation.  

Go easy on yourself.  

If you spiral out of control or rain on everyone else's parade while you are trying to cope with a crisis, you could make your situation worse.  Behaving badly by alienating your friends and family, increasing your possibility of stress related illnesses or magnifying an already existing clinical condition will only make things worse.   When we wallow in self pity, get sucked into the abyss of pessimism and depression, and give up hope, it's hard to see solutions once the cycle is in force.

So, when things go bad suddenly, try to:

* Breathe.  Breathe deeply and consciously.  Breathing deeply helps you to relax.  Learn to meditate.

* Talk to people.  Don't hold your worries and anxieties inside.  Vent.  But only for a little while.  Anger and frustration are contagious, so vent for a little while and then talk about solutions. 

* Socialize and be with the people who love you.  Create happy occasions and enjoy them.

* Eat well. Lower your sugar intake.....  eat vegetables.... drink water.

* Exercise.  Even a walk around the block will re-energize you and help alleviate depression and anxiety.

* Play with your kids, or play with someone else's kids.  Enjoy the wonder of the world with them.  Learn something new together.

*Get support.  Seek professional help if you need it.  Look for supportive people who won't be judgmental of you.

* Do something that you enjoy.  Even if you don't feel especially inspired, engaging in a hobby, crafting, reading, relaxing, cooking, entertaining... Do something.

Remember that you are in charge of yourself.  What you think about the situation will determine how you feel and how you react.  If you are centered and calm, you'll be able to get through the crisis with a good judgment and with some peace and health.

Stacey Brown is a 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor practicing in Fort Myers, Florida.  Sign up for her newsletter and follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter so you can stay in touch.

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